Imagine the internet did not exist today! How could it be developed? What would it be like? The objective of the NovaGenesis project is to generate a new Internet.

The technology available today makes it possible to develop a much better internet, one which will be able to cope with the challenges of the next decades, i.e., an internet that will help our society to get even farther and to be better. The amount of resources available in our homes today is far bigger than those which existed at the time the internet was conceived. We can take advantage of these new technologies to create the new convergent architectures of information of the future.

NovaGenesis is a new internet architecture starting from scratch. Its name was chosen because, in our point of view, this revolutionary internet will be so different from the current one that it can be seen as a new digital beginning.

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ICT Theme at 1st Brazil-Ireland Science Week

The 1st Brazil-Ireland Science Week is happening at Dublin Castle, Ireland. Inatel's NovaGenesis Project is being represented by Prof. Antonio M. Alberti. The professor is part of the "Research Brazil Ireland working group (WG) under the ICT Theme dedicated to examining research and innovation challenges related to Trustworthy ICT, including trust and security in cloud computing, privacy protection and cyber security." The group is lead by Mr. Jim Clarke, program manager at the TSSG/WIT. TSSG stands for “Telecommunications Software & Systems Group”. The TSSG was formed as part of the Waterford Institute of Technology in 1996, Ireland. More details of TSSG/WIT participation on the 1st Brazil-Ireland Science Week are here.



NovaGenesis at 1st Brazil Ireland Science Week

Prof. Alberti is presenting NovaGenesis at the 1st Brazil Ireland Science Week in Dublin.

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Meeting with Prof. Jim Clarke from TSSG, Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). Dr. Jim is the coordinator of the BIC FP7 project.

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We published the paper below in 2012 presenting a new paradigm for the integration of these technologies. The IoIS paradigm, as implemented in NovaGenesis, enables the integration of information-centric networking (ICN), network function virtualization (NFV), service-centric networking (SCN), and software-defined networking (SDN). Content, services, operating systems, hosts, and any other existences are named. A generic name resolution system provides name mapping among network existences, favoring name-based routing (NBR). Function chaining is supported by publish/subscribe and NBR. SDN is integrated by Controller-as-a-Service (CaaS) philosophy.


NovaGenesis online presentation at ICANN#52 Singapore Event

Presenting NovaGenesis at #ICANN52 Singapore. Thanks Daniel Fink for this huge opportunity. From Left to right: Daniel Fink, ICANN Manager Stakeholder Engagement Brazil, Antonio Marcos Alberti and Victor Hugo de Oliveira Fernandes, from NovaGenesis project.

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During the talk:

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