Reflector Antennas

Title: Reflector Antennas

Instructor: Rafael Abrantes Penchel
National Institute of Telecommunications – Inatel

Abstract: Recent researches have suggested millimeter wave frequencies for the operation of the next generation technology of broadband mobile communication. Reflector antennas can be suited to provide broadband coverage at these frequencies. In particular, shaped reflector antennas can be used to provide an optimized coverage with high gains and low co-channel interference. The objective of this course consists in presenting the main topics of the design and analysis of reflector antennas. The course will cover the following topics: i) overview of fundamental parameters of antennas, where it will present some concepts of antennas theory; ii) geometry and working of many reflector systems, like Cassegrain and Gregorian; iii) horn antennas that is used as feeder, and iv) numerical technique for design and analysis.

This tutorial will be presented in Portuguese.


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