Designing a Full IEEE 802

Title: Designing a Full IEEE 802.11 Communication System Using ANSYS HFSS

Instructor: Juliano Fujioka Mologni
Engineering Simulation & Scientific Software - ESSS

Abstract: The tutorial addresses the conception of a complete IEEE 802.11 communication system in ANSYS HFSS*, beginning on the physical layer with the design and optimization of the antenna design, up to the complete system including modulators and demodulators, amplifiers, filters and other components according to the IEEE 802.11 standard. A short-range communication environment is modeled in three dimensions, including antennas and objects that interfere with the communication. A system level simulation is then included in the analysis, showing how the effects of modulation type and objects in the environment affect the communication performance. Intersymbol interference and bit error rate are evaluated based on discrete constellation diagrams that show the effects of multipath and modulation. Additionally, a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system is included in the analysis. The calculation of the envelope correlation coefficient and diversity gain is shown, addressing how MIMO would improve the communication system performance.



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